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June 5, 2016
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June 5, 2016

Skin perfection

100% pure, fresh, plant-based cell extract, which act in perfect harmony with the skin to support the generation of new cells that prevent skin ageing.
Frozen living cell treatment restores youth by regenerating your skin’s cellular. By incorporating cells extracted from Placenta, Plant or Algae, the treatment can repair, refresh and rejuvenate aged tissues.
The non invasive way to treat: the cells are actively penetrated into inner skin, reactivating the new growth skin

Main function of frozen live cell treatment

  1. Cell regenerating
  2. Cell repairing
  3. Nourishment
  4. Stimulate skin metabolism
  5. Suitable for ageing skin, wrinkles, tired and dull skin, sensitive and problem skin.

News: Frozen Cells Algae is a pure marine origin product which is rich in protein extracted from micro-algae, it contains up to 60% of their dry weight in proteins, amino acids and peptides.