June 5, 2016
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
June 5, 2016

Variable Pulsed Light (VPL™) is the latest generation Intense Pulsed Light system (IPL) for effective skin rejuvenation and hair removal technology. Traditionally, most cosmetic procedures have been associated with lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that pulsed light, and in particular Variable Pulsed Light, are regularly producing better results than the laser units originally available. Pulsed Light units are non-laser, emitting light across a broad range of wavelengths that are preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin.

What makes VPL™ Treatment Special?

  • VPL is the most advanced optimal pulse technology with over 840 different pulse variations with optimizes power, pulsing and light delivery to provide maximum results, comfort and safety. Advanced technology can be expensive. While other practices may promote similar treatments with cheaper, lower-powered technology, there is visible difference in results. Our practice believes in providing only the very best treatment with best results for our customer through VPL appearance.

VPL™ Treatment Process

  • The cooling gel will be applied onto the patient’s face before treatment. During treatment, the patient may experience a similar sensation as an elastic rubber springing onto the face. With the latest generation of VPL technology, this discomfort is very much reduced with its built-in computerize software system that control the Variable Pulse. The entire treatment process takes 15 minutes. You only need 5 treatments to get a visibly better skin. Each treatment should be done every 3 to 4 weeks. Additional moisturizing and sun block are required after treatment. No special precaution or follow up treatment is needed.
    VPL treatment can diminish or remove:

    • Age spot and sun damage
    • Epidermal Pigmentation and blemishes
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Acne, scars and open pores
    • Broken capillaries and redness
    • • Thread vein and rosacea
    • Dull and uneven skin tone
    • Permanent hair reduction

VPL™ Treatment Effectiveness

  • VPL treatment effectively target both the surface and deeper layers of the skin for a smoother, fresher and younger looking appearance.
    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Improve tone and texture
    • Reduce fine lines around the eyes
    • Erase unwanted brown ageing spots
    • Improve appearance of acne scars and surgical scars
    • Effective treatment for active acne\
    • Vascular Lesions (actinic keratosis)

What are the advantages of VPL™?

  • Non abrasive, non invasive
  • Healing is from within, no marks or burns
  • No anesthesia, no side effects and no downtime
  • Visible results after a series of treatments
  • Multiple treatments can be administered in one session
  • Excellent treatment for face, neck, chest, arms, back and legs
  • Unlike laser resurfacing, chemical peel and dermabrasion, there is almost no downtime with VPL. That means no blisters, burns or long recovery period, and you can go right back to your life after your treatment.

How does VPL™ work?

  • VPL delivers a special range of wavelengths of light in customizable pulses through a crystal tip gently onto your skin. The light is absorbed either superficially by broken capillaries and dark pigment or deeper by larger vessels and collagen. Dilated capillaries coagulate, pigmented lesions darken and slough off, new collagen fibers are laid down, giving the skin a renewed and more youthful.